Ramadan Programs 1441/2020

Ramadan Mubarak! Join the Imam Ali Masjid Ramadan programs online this year. An outline of our events are as follows:

Quran Sessions (Open Recitation Groups focusing on tajweed and translation):
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm on Zoom
Sisters Session:
Meeting ID: 934 1495 0058
Password: 114

Brothers Session:
Meeting ID: 986 9580 8345
Password: 313

Children’s Program:
Join us every Friday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm for a program aimed at children aged 4-10. The session will include storytelling, Islamic games, and other activities.
Meeting ID: 948 3280 2349
Password: 12

Young Adult Program:
Join us every Friday from 11pm to 12pm for a program aimed at young adults aged 13-40. We will have various guest speakers for different topics as well as a question and answer session.
Meeting ID: 890 2344 9838
Password: 14

Nightly Lectures:
Join us for nightly lectures and the a’maal for Laylatul Qadr, starting on May 10th until the end of the holy month. Lectures will begin at 9pm with Sheikh Ahmad Ameeni.

Until the onset of the IAM nightly lectures, we encourage brothers and sisters to tune into the IMC Philly nightly lectures which will begin at 9pm nightly with Sayyid Atiq.
Watch the IMC Philly lectures on YouTube:

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