IAM Flea Market on Sunday, 6/4/2023

Want to sell your baked goods or need to declutter your house? Imam Ali Masjid will be hosting a Flea Market on Sunday 6/4 from 10 AM – 3 PM. Bring your items to the masjid or just come and buy what others are selling! Entry tickets will be $10 per person or $25 per family. Tickets will include lunch, access to the moon bounce, and other activities.

For those selling – you can bring baked goods, home-made products, clothing, toys, jewelry, home decor, and others.

Friday, April 21st: 30th of Ramadhan// Saturday, April 22nd: 1st of Shawwal

Salaam Alaykom,

As there were no verified sightings of the new moon in the area to confirm the new month, Friday, April 21st will be the 30th day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan and Saturday, April 22nd will be the 1st of Shawwal and the day of Eid al Fitr inshaAllah. Eid prayers will be held at Imam Ali Masjid on Saturday, April 22nd at 9:30 am sharp.

For more information on the sighting of the moon, please visit the official announcement from the moon sighting committee (based on the rulings of Sayed Sistani): https://www.imams.us/news/the-crescent-moon-of-the-month-of-shawwal-1444-a-h/

May Allah bless you all.