Eid al Fitr 1441

Pending the sighting of the moon, Eid al Fitr will be streamed live at 9:30am beginning with Dua Nudba, followed by Salat al Eid. The prayer is to be prayed at home individually, with the intention of furada prayer. Brothers and sisters can follow along with Sheikh Ameeni while praying.

Zakat al Fitra will be $12 this year per person. This is an estimate based on the cost of living expenses in the greater Philadelphia area. Zakat can be paid on the day of Eid until the time of Dhuhr prayers (1pm). Brothers and sisters can pay in person at the masjid by dropping off their zakat any time from 11pm-1pm. Zakat can also be paid online, however, the amount must be paid as $13 per person in order to fulfill the costs after fees. The link for online payment is as follows: tinyurl.com/iamzakat

For those who need more information regarding Zakat al Fitra, please check out the following FAQ.

Additionally, in place of an in-person program inside the masjid, brothers and sisters are welcome to decorate their cars and visit the masjid by driving through on Eid from 11am-1pm. Goody bags will be provided for families that participate. All are required to remain in their cars at all times. Please see the flyer below for more information.

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