IAM iPhone App Development Course

The Messenger of Allah (saw) has reportedly said: “Seeking knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim.” (Al-Kafi, Graded Authentic by Ayatullah Mohseni(ra))

Imam Ali Masjid is pleased to present its very first “life-skills” course to the community.

Brother Muhammad Faani, who is a skilled app developer will be teaching a course on Saturdays beginning August 13th from 9AM-Noon on the fundamentals of iPhone app development and coding in the SWIFT language over the course of 8 or so weeks; and students will be able to make two kinds of apps by the end of the class.

Please reach out to Abas Imrani, 267-234-3907, to learn more information about this amazing learning opportunity!

Register HERE:


Ashura 1444

The day of Ashura will be on Monday, August 8th and the program will begin with recitation of the maqtal in English at 9:30am followed by recitation in Arabic/Farsi and concluding with lamentations and Dhuhr/Asr prayers. The program will resume at 7pm for Sham Ghariban. As a reminder, the Muharram program will continue at Imam Ali Masjid every night at 7pm until Thursday, August 11th.

Muharram 1444/2022

Ya Hussain.

Join us to commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Hussain during the first ten days of Muharram with nightly programs starting on Monday, August 1st to Thursday, August 11th. The program will start with an English lecture by guest speaker Sayed Haider AlQazwini every night, followed by Maghrib & Isha prayers, an Arabic/Farsi lecture by Sheikh Ameeni, and concluding with latmiyaat/poetry. There will also be a question & answer session for the youth with the Sayed following the English lecture every night. All programs will be live-streamed on the Imam Ali Masjid YouTube page.

For more information regarding programming or sponsorship, please contact us by email at admin@imamalimasjid.com.

An Evening with His Eminence Shaykh Mahmood Al-Fayadh

Join Imam Ali Masjid for an evening with His Eminence Shaykh Mahmood Al-Fayadh on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 7 pm.

Brief Biography:
Shaykh Mahmood is the son of Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Ishaq Al-Fayadh. He was born in 1958 in Najaf, Iraq. After receiving his high school diploma, he joined the Islamic Semjnary of Najaf in 1978. Due to the oppression and the struggles he endured under Saddam Bath’s party, he had to transfer to the Islamic Seminary of Qum, Iran. He continued his studies in Iran until he reached the Advanced Seminars (Bahth Kari) level. After the fall of Ba’thi regime in 2003, he returned to Iraq to continue his religious academic career as a researcher, in addition to his position as the Chief Officer of the Offices of Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Ishaq Al-Fayadh in Najaf, Qum, Mashhad, Tehran, and Kabul.

July 28th at 7pm: Imam Ali Masjid (5801 Magnolia Ave. Pennsauken, NJ 08109)
July 29th at 1 PM Jum’a Time: Mohammadia Islamic Associates Afghan (140 Marshall St. Paterson, NJ 07501)
July 29th at 8:30 PM: Al Zahra Islamic Center (49 Broadway Haverstraw, NY 10927)
July 30th: Al Zahra Islamic Center (71 State Farm Rd. Voorheesville, NY 12186)
July 31st: Al Mahdi Islamic Center (83 Ludy St. Hicksville, NY 11801)