Eid al-Fitr

As the blessed month of Ramadhan nears its end, we would like to remind everyone about Zakat al-fitr.  The minimum recommended amount for this year will be 10$ USD if you are not able to provide at least 6.61lbs (3 kilograms) of food commodity. For those who need more information regarding Zakat al-fitr, please check out the following FAQ.

This Zakat should not be sent out of the city you live in if there are deserving mumineen who reside in that city. It can be distributed directly, through the religious authority (Marja) and their representatives (Wakeel), the Masjid, or those who are familiar with the rules of it’s distribution.  Please make arrangements to provide this amount prior to Eid so that it can be distributed in a timely fashion.

Ramadhan 1439/2018

Nightly Ramadhan programs will be held at Imam Ali Masjid from Sunday, June 3rd until Friday, June 15th. The program will begin promptly at 7pm every night with exclusive nightly presentations from the IAM youth, followed by lectures in English by Sayyid Atiq Ebady,  Arabic/Farsi by Sheikh Ahmad Ameeni, and concluding with congregational prayers and iftar. There will also be nightly programs for the youth (ages 5-12) after the English lecture.

During this years program, there will  be several interfaith sessions with local churches  joining us on:
Sunday, June 3rd
Saturday, June 9th
Tuesday, June 12th

If interested in sponsoring a night, please contact us at admin@imamalimasjid.com or (856)577-0499. View the attached flyer for more information.