IAM Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes will resume online on September 27th. Classes will be held every Sunday from 11am until 2pm. Teachers will utilize the NewRow learning platform for their students. Registration will be open until September 25th. Use this link: tinyurl.com/iamsundayschool2021

There will be 5 classes this year:
Level A: Beginner/Ages 4-5
Level B: Beginner/Ages 6-7
Level C: Intermediate/Ages 8-9
Level D: Advanced/Ages 10-12
Level E: Ages 13+ (adult class/any level) **This is a new class aimed for young adults at any level**

For questions, please email us: admin@imamalimasjid.com or call/text: (856)-294-6455. See the attached flyer for more information.

Ashura 1442 Program

Online Ashura Day program starting at 9am on 8/29 with Maqtal in English followed by Arabic/Farsi. Watch live on YouTube and Zoom: tinyurl.com/iammuharram

Tabarruk/Nazr Drive Thru pick up from 5pm-6pm. Register here: tinyurl.com/iamdrivethru

Online Sham Ghariban Program (10th night) on 8/29 starting at 8:30pm with English lecture by Sayed Ahmed Qazwini, followed by Arabic/Farsi by Sheikh Ameeni. Watch live on YouTube or Zoom.