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Khatme Quran for Marhooma Hajia Sharifa Sajedi

It is with great sadness we must announce the passing of Marhooma Hajjia Khanum Sharifa Sajedi, the wife of Ayatullah Sayed Husayn Sajedi, in Mashhad, Iran. She was a teacher of many in the community and she, along with her husband, served the people of the Mohammadia Islamic Center for more than 25 years. There will be a Khatme Quran in her honor at Imam Ali Masjid on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 from 1pm until 3pm. We encourage all to join us in remembering this great woman from whose life we can take many lessons. 

Eid Prayers and the 1st of Shawwal 1439AH

Current projections show that Eid al-Fitr will land on Friday, June 15th, 2018 for our area.  Notifications (text/email/etc) will be sent out late on Thursday night to confirm.

Eid prayers will begin at 9:30AM on Friday if it is confirmed (or Saturday @ 9:30AM if it is not). Please join us as we celebrate the end of Ramadhan and inshallah, the discipline, piety, and spiritual rejuvenation that we have obtained over the past month will remain with us.